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Please Note: In December 2014 Arthur Black was acquired by Brooks Forgings Ltd who shall continue to offer the same services to all new and existing customers.

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Brooks Forgings Ltd
Doulton Road
Cradley Heath
West Midlands
B64 5QJ

Telephone: 01384 563356
Fax: 01384 563357 

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Monday - Friday

08.30 - 17.00

Please see contact us page for workshop hours.


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Forged Chisels

These Chisels are forged from 20mm diameter mild steel.  

They are 200mm long and have a 50mm tapered point which are sharpened on the grinder before the customer receives them.

The customer then machines the end and fits a brass coupling which attaches to drain rods.  These chisels then have a hard life down the sewers.



Anything is possible.  

I think these figure eights came out quite nicely.  


Foundry Handling Equipment 

We recently had inquiries for four different types of handles to be used in a foundry.  After tooling up for the job these are our first samples.  


For more pictures of items we have bent in house, please see our gallery page. 


Coming Soon to

We are currently (in between our fullfilling orders) in the process of making up some of our 'stock' items and plan to include photos of them shortly.  Mooring Rings, Shackles, Chain Links, Ground Anchors and more will soon be uploaded to the Gallery pages with detailed descriptions of dimensions, material composition and safe working loads.  

Quite often we get asked to make something of a certain size that will be wholly inadequate for its intended use.  Other times we get asked to make something that may only need to be half the size.  We aim to help you, by keeping your costs down, so that you will order from us again in the future. 

Have a nice day. 



New Website Goes Live

Our new website is designed and will bring us up to date. Our old workshop in Langley was severely damaged by snow back in 2010,we are now about 80% along the way to re-fitting our unit in Cradley Heath. keeping our existing customers has only been possible due to the help offered to me by very good freinds who have my most grateful thanks.

You have probably been in contact with Robin Ling, he is the new blacksmith on the block and I am teaching him how I have produced various products over the years. The intention is that Robin will eventually take over the business and add it to that which he is developing himself.  Robin had excellent results from college, leaving with National Diploma including distinctions in all fields of work. Since then Robin has been recognised by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths with a Journeyman's Certificate.

Let us know what you think of our new website.

In the meantime, have a good day, keith