New Premises: First Big Job
Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 10:10AM
Robin Ling in 14mm, Bent, Cradley Heath, Galvanized, Industrial, Mass Production, Rings, Welded

In January 2012 Arthur Black (General Smiths) Ltd relocated to an industrial unit in Cradley Heath.  After two years of producing our work in other businesses spaces, it was a great relief to be free to work without the time constraints placed upon us by others. 

We recenly secured and produced our first large order in this new space.  800 off components with a bent ring at each end.  One ring is 63mm I/D and the other is 38mm I/d.  To make the job even more interesting it is produced using 14mm DIA bar.

The components are then welded, cleaned and sent off for galvanising before being tested to a SWL and delivered to our customer.



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